2015 Chile America’s Cup-Paraguay 1-0 victory over Jamaica Benitez lucky ball
In the early hours of June 17th, Beijing time, in the second round of the 2015 America’s Cup Group B, Paraguay beat Jamaica 1-0 to qualify.In the 36th minute, Benitez scored the only goal of the game.  In this game, Paraguay was led by Bobadilla and Santa Cruz. Former Guangzhou Evergrande player Barrios came off the bench and Nelson Valdes did not start.In Jamaica, Barnes appeared on the front line.Paraguay’s small victory came in the first and fourth minutes of the group. Santa Cruz passed from the left to the back point. Dris Gonzalez’s volley shot missed.A minute later, Dris Gonzalez crossed and Santa Cruz’s header was confiscated by the goalkeeper.In the 16th minute, Victor Caceres’ long shot was blocked by Lawrence from the bottom line.In the 20th minute, Victor Caceres scored the ball to the right of the penalty area and Santa Cruz’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper.  In the 21st minute, Bobadilla volleyed sideways and the ball slightly missed the left goal post.In the 27th minute, Bobadilla and Victor Caceres’ long-range shots were blocked.In the 32nd minute, Dris Gonzalez crossed from the right and Santa Cruz took a volley and was saved by the goalkeeper.In the 36th minute, Paraguay had a long pass in the backcourt. Jamaican goalkeeper Cole rushed out of the penalty area to make a header. The ball was blocked by Benitez into the empty goal. Paraguay led Jamaica 1-0.  In the 48th minute, Aguilar headed a ferry and Victor Caceres outscored the shot, but it was not effective due to offside.A minute later, Santa Cruz’s long shot missed the right goal post.In the 60th minute, Bobadilla knocked back, and Samudio’s shot hit the beam and popped out.In the 72nd minute, Santa Cruz’s header was blocked by Mariapa with his arm, but the referee thought a penalty was awarded.In the 80th minute, McLary’s long shot slightly missed the left post.  In the 82nd minute, Santa Cruz scored and Nelson Valdes’ long shot also missed.In the 90th minute, Rain passed a free kick and Morgan missed the goal beyond the right post.A minute later, Martox headed the ball high.In the end, Paraguay beat Jamaica 1-0. In the first two rounds of the group, they won 1 draw and 1 draw.Baseline appearances for both sides: Paraguay (4-4-2): Goalkeeper: No. 12 Anthony Silva Guards: No. 5 Bruno Valdes, No. 14 Da Silva, No. 4 Aguilar, No. 6 SamuDior (77 minutes, No. 2 Pires) Midfielder: No. 10 Dris Gonzalez, No. 20 Ortigosa, No. 15 Victor Caceres, No. 11 Benitez (86 minutes, 16No. Molinas) Forward: No. 7 Bobadilla (75 minutes, No. 18 Nelson Valdes), No. 9 Santa Cruz Jamaica (4-5-1): Goalkeeper: No. 1 Cole  Defenders: Hector No. 3, Morgan No. 4, Mariap No. 19, Lawrence No. 20 Midfielder: No. 22 McClary, Watson No. 15 (57 minutes, Lain No. 5), Austin No. 17, No. 18 Dawkins (76 minutes, No. 11 Matox), No. 10 McAnuffe striker: No. 9 Barnes (62 minutes, No. 6 Brown) (Ben)

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