The property market loosely binds frequency and changes the way
Budget policies such as down payment and down payment are now “one-day tour”. Experts: Various types of real estate speculations are still being controlled. Shenzhen strictly investigates the “housing mortgage loan into the property market”. Dongguan and other places have adjusted the provident fund loan policy . Under the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, all regionsThe intensive property market continues to attract market attention.  According to some statistics, since the beginning of this year, real estate-related reservation policies have been issued a hundred times across the country.Among them, reducing talents to settle in biology, adjusting the provident fund policy, and adjusting the “unbonding” policies such as the purchase restriction of door cloud have become mainstream.However, there are also some local policies that frequently carry out “one-day tours” and “two-day tours.”  With the improvement of the epidemic, the property market has recently recovered.Huatai Securities Research believes that the property market can be repaired in 4 months and the second quarter, but considering the impact of the epidemic on the economy, residents’ income and the control of the epidemic may continue in the medium term, it is expected that after the repair in the second quarter, the second half of the yearThere will still be pressure, so policy improvement will continue.    Since the property market has been loosened in many places, and the policy of “starting first and then withdrawing” has frequently occurred since the outbreak, many cities have accelerated the return of real estate market.In the middle of this month, Lanzhou adjusted the proportion of down payment for commercial real estate loans, from the current 70% to 50%.Dongguan City has implemented a new provident fund policy since March 1, reducing the conditions for applying for a loan period of up to 30 years.  It is worth noting that 50 cities have issued talent policies in the first quarter of this year.Taking Nanjing as an example, the policy it released in April further reduced the number of talents who have settled in the door. Bachelor degree talents were relaxed from 40 years old to 45 years old. Those with college education under 40 years old can settle in Nanjing for half a year.Some analysts believe that the talent policy has to a certain extent reduced the number of foreigners buying houses in the local market.  Subsequently, the Central Economic Work Conference in early December last year has set the direction of this year’s real estate policy.The meeting determined that it is necessary to achieve a comprehensive consensus on city-specific policies, stabilize land prices, stabilize housing prices, and stabilize the expected long-term management system and mechanism to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.The real estate policies issued by the above-mentioned provinces and cities are a concrete manifestation of the policy of the city, but some local policies have been withdrawn after the release.  On April 22, the sauna and Yewang learned that Huai’an, Jiangsu, has relaxed its purchase restrictions, and that foreigners no longer need to provide tax or social security to purchase a house in Huai’an.However, only one day later, the local government said that it was still implementing the previous policy.The developing countries of Qingdao, Shandong, and Haining, Zhejiang, also have provisions to relax purchase restrictions in stages. For example, Haining announced that from March 25 to April 24, the policy of “non-Haining registered population restricting the purchase of a house in Haining” will not be implemented., But then these policies were quickly withdrawn or modified.  Zhang Dawei, the chief analyst of Centaline Real Estate, told reporters that there have been policy “several days” in 7 cities including Guangzhou, Jinan, Baoji and Zhumadian.With regard to macroeconomic changes, real estate policies can be adjusted under the guidance of the principle of implementing policies based on the city, especially when adhering to the principle of housing and housing without speculation, certain policies are introduced for just-needed and improved housing.It has had too much impact on the market, but internal loosening policies, including a significant reduction in down payment, are indeed inappropriate.In the long run, temptations for loosening policies in cities across the country will continue to emerge.  Initial strict investigation of illegal business loans, strict control of the property market policy remains unchanged, not all city policy directions are loose, the most typical of which is Shenzhen.In March, Vanke Star City adopted the online opening mode. In only 7 minutes and 30 seconds, all 288 sets of four buildings were sold with special permission.In March, the average price of second-hand houses in Shenzhen was 59,048 yuan per square meter, up by 0 month-on-month.95%.In some views, in this round of the boom in the Shenzhen property market, in addition to individual sellers and intermediaries participating in market speculation, consumer loans and housing loans are one of the main drivers behind the real estate market.  On April 22, the long-term Shenzhen Central Sub-branch, Shenzhen Small and Medium Business Service Bureau and other five departments notified the investigation of housing mortgage and housing purchase.Among them, the temporary Shenzhen Central Sub-branch stated that there was no real estate market in the form of mortgage loans for small refinancing loans; some commercial banks in the judicial district had customers who first bought the house in full and then used the newly purchased house as mortgageThe application for operating loans, but the scale is very small.Commercial banks have been required to fully investigate whether credit funds are illegally included in the real estate sector.  A real estate analyst told reporters that some intermediaries’ rhetoric is theoretical and there are difficulties or risks in actual implementation.For example, no one dared to relocate to buy a house with an interest-bearing enterprise loan, but it is possible that these funds were obtained and then loaned to other enterprises.He also reminded that the Shenzhen property market is full of fake news, such as “zero down payment to buy a house”, etc., and the hype can easily make normal buyers lose control.  On April 23, the Tokyo and Shanghai headquarters requested that they insist on the position of “no housing, no speculation” and cancel the use of real estate as risk collateral.As early as April 17, the Politburo meeting once again announced that housing will not be speculated, promoting the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.Yan Yuejin, research director of the Think Tank Center of the Institute of E-House Science, believes that from this statement can be ground to the first quarter GDP deviation has declined, but the real estate market still insists on housing and not speculating, further explaining that the existing substantive meaning is unchangedYes, the demand for all types of real estate speculation is still to be controlled.In addition, the policy clearly promotes the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, and continues to improve the real estate development guidance. From the perspective of the current real estate market, the biggest variable factor is that the transaction volume shifts too quickly, so gradually predicting a stable market transaction volume will become akey point.  Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun Cheng Weimiao

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