5 foul leaving Zhou Qi hard to redeem
Last night against the Committee of the Venezuelan team, Zhou Qi contributed 8 points and 7 rebounds to the Chinese team.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang shot Chinese men’s basketball team lost to Venezuela last night, ended the men’s basketball World Cup Group A game with 1 win and 2 losses.Zhou Qi, who was controversial due to a service error with the Polish team, even took the initiative to take responsibility, but in the face of the internal difficulties created by his opponent last night, his performance is still difficult to call “self-salvation.”  ● Before the game, “Serving Error” took the initiative to take over the Chinese men’s basketball team against the Polish team. On the night of the game, “Zhou Qi Serving Error” was on the hot search, followed by the orange “boil” word to show the high degree of the topic.At midnight, Yi Jianlian expressed solidarity with Zhou Qi and Zhai Xiaochuan and other teammates.  The 23-year-old young insider said frankly that he had spent a “very difficult night”.Training before the game yesterday, he put the hoodie hat on his head and took the initiative to take responsibility, “Anyway, the ball is in my hand, and my responsibility is definitely the biggest.”He answered questions calmly, saying that a dramatic game has baptized his mentality and on-the-spot thinking, and will adjust as soon as possible to go all out with the Venezuela team.  ● In the game, five offenses did not keep the inside line more than one hour before the start of the game. When Zhou Qi appeared from the player channel, cheering sounded from the stand.When the announcer introduced the players on the field, when Zhou Qi’s name was pronounced, Wu Ke Song was higher.  Like the previous two games, Zhou Qi continued to start last night, still getting the ball for the Chinese team in the jump ball, and hit the team’s first three points.  In the final quarter, the Chinese team still had 7 points to catch up, but Zhou Qi made two consecutive shots instead of hits.As the Chinese team’s defeat was settled, the cheering sound was replaced by “Li Nan’s class”.In the last minute and more, Zhou Qi had three fouls, added 5 fouls and left the field, 8 points, 7 rebounds, and only 1 of 4 free throws.  ● After the game, the final whistle was quickly passed through the mixed mining area. The on-site host was still calling for “applause for the Chinese men’s basketball team who fought hard” and highlighted “The Chinese team’s World Cup journey is not over”The spectators who left the stadium did not respond.  The host’s voice did not fall, Zhou Qi appeared in the mixed mining area before head coach Li Nan.He passed the reporter waiting outside the fence without expression, then disappeared around the corner.  Last night’s game, Venezuela’s teamwork made the Chinese men’s basketball team very uncomfortable, including Zhou Qi’s internal three major inside and outside the game, the team’s negative and positive offset the team’s countdown to the top 3.Li Nan admitted frankly after the game that he prepared to hit the ball before the game, but the effect of the implementation was not good, “(after losing to the Polish team) we did some work for the players, but this time, they have confidence in the gameThere is still some influence.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Chen

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