[A detail to know the quality of sexual life of urban female white-collar workers]

Masturbation is a very normal sexual behavior of many female white-collar workers in the metropolis. Proper masturbation makes the body healthier.

But after all, masturbation is a person’s private life and requires great confidentiality.

Masturbation or reproductive system activities also need to pay attention to its safety. So how do women masturbate healthier?

Finding a private place for women to masturbate is a very private matter, so you must find a private place to ensure that the concealment is good enough.

This is not only the requirement of moral civilization, but also the protection of one’s privacy.

Private places, preferably their own rooms, bathrooms, etc. Turn off mobile phones and telephones to avoid being disturbed or bumped into. People who are nervous and conservative should pay special attention to avoid leaving psychological effects.

When masturbating, anyone other than your spouse is called present.

Some people are uncontrollable because of sexual excitement and masturbating in unsuitable places. Even if no one sees it and does not harass others, it is not suitable.


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