“Second Love” female second Xu Zhihui’s new drama promoted to female lead, partner Song Chengxian
According to Korean media reports, Xu Zhihui will appear as a partner with Song Chengxian in the Korean drama “Let’s Have Dinner Together”.The play is directed by Gao Zaixian of “Player” and Jin Zhu, the associate screenwriter of “Doctor Outlander”, is scheduled to premiere in May this year.Because “Blue Life and Death” is recognized by the Chinese audience as Song Chengxian, he will play a writer and diet psychotherapist who writes a diet-related column in “Do You Have Dinner Together”? Through analysis of dietary habits, the psychological state of the patient is unique’S professional skills have reached various special diners.Xu Hui played the project of playing online video channels. Although she had fallen in love twice after the age of 20, she experienced a bitter love affair and became a woman who has no sense of love. She is also a “patient” of Song Chengxian.In the Korean drama “Forced Landing of Love” that is being aired, Xu Zhizhi plays the female number two, fiancee Xu Dan of Li Zhenghe (Xuan Bin), which attracts much attention.”The Forced Fall of Love” Xu Zhizhi stills.Picture from the Internet sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Wang Xin

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