All the way to the fifth in the west, Paul made the humble Thunder reborn
Paul became the pillar of this Thunder.Before the start of the season, without Westbrook, Paul George, the Thunder, which began to rebuild, was not optimistic by anyone.After each month, the Thunder almost locked in the playoffs, and now it has even approached the top four in the West. The prospect of the playoffs has become more optimistic.Today, the Thunder took the home game against the Kings. In the third quarter, the team fell behind by 19 points, and finally achieved a major reversal. After winning 112 to 108, the Thunder achieved a wave of 5 consecutive victories, and the record improved to 37 wins and 22 losses.It beats jazz with a poor recent record and ranks fifth in the West, only 1 behind the top four in the West.5 wins.Chris Paul contributed 17 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists.The key moment behind was Paul’s instigation of the team to launch a counterattack and successfully reverse it.However, Paul is not the only hero to win. The team has a total of 6 people in a double-double. Gallinari and Alexander scored 24 points and 20 points respectively. Adams, Schroeder and Noel also made double figures.This is the normal state of the Thunder ‘s winning this season. Paul puts more power in organizing the offense to create opportunities for his teammates. The main attractions of the Thunder are Gallinari, Alexander and Schroeder, and even reached the two main states.Good, everyone else can come forward, part of the starlight looks dim, but in fact all the people are soldiers.Before the start of the new season, almost no one was optimistic about the Thunder’s goal.Due to Westbrook’s transfer, Paul was “forced” to join the Thunder, Alexander, and Bellinari played for the Clippers last season. They are also the chips in Paul George’s transaction.And Alexander, this year is only the second season of his career.However, after more than half of the season, no one dared to underestimate this reborn Thunder.With Paul, the All-Star guard, Bellinari and Alexandria are also getting better. They squeezed into the top eight from the edge of the playoffs, and then steadily improved to the fifth in the west from the top eight.There are 23 games left until the end of the regular game. If the Thunder maintains this kind of status, it is not impossible to advance to the playoffs as the top four in the West.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang proofread Chen Diyan

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