“Maoyuan Laohan” Tian Chengren passed away at the age of 93
On January 30, director and screenwriter Han Zhijun posted on his Weibo that the news of the death of Tian Chengren, director of China National Theater and national actor, was 93 years old.He posted on Weibo that: “Tian Chengren, who played Mao Yuan’s old man, died in our TV series” Fence · Woman and Dog “,” Wheel · Woman and Well “,” Old Ship · Woman and Net “.Last year, CCTV “Salute to the Classics” made a special topic for the elderly. When I went to the platform, I didn’t expect it to be a permanent tactic with him.Teacher Tian went well!You are the old Maoyuan man forever, you will live in the history of Chinese art and the hearts of the audience! “The Fence · Woman and Dog” stills.The picture comes from Han Zhijun’s Weibo Tian Chengren. Since 1954, he has served as the deputy head of the Liaoning Provincial Cultural Regiment. In the same year, he joined Ouyang Shanzun, Ajia and others to participate in the first batch of director cadre training courses at the Central Academy of Drama and received training from Soviet drama expertsStudied the Stanislavsky performance system. In 1975, Tian Chengren starred in his first film “Red Rain”.Tian Chengren starred in more than 100 dramas and film and television dramas, and successfully created many characters that were popular among the audience.Especially in the TV series “Fence, Woman and Dog”, he dedicated a typical peasant character-Maoyuan Old Man to the audience with superb and simple performances.Stills of “Fence · Woman and Dog”.The picture comes from Han Zhijun’s Weibo in 1984. Tian Chengren won the Outstanding Leading Actor Award in the 4th TV Series Flying Awards for his excellent portrayal of the general Chen Yan in the series “Tao is Ruthless but Emotional”.In recent years, Tian Chengren has also participated in many film and television dramas such as “Golden Marriage”, “Chun Hui”, “Spring Sleep”, “Hundred Years”, “The World’s Granary”, “The Cropper is the Sky” and “Warm Spring”, especially “Warm”The grandfather of Xiaohua in “Spring” is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. At that time, many people cried.Sauna, night net editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni proofreading Wei Zhuo

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