2016 Evergrande Snooker Championship Championship Schedule Schedule
The game time of Evergrande 2016 World Snooker China Championship will be held in Guangzhou from November 1st to 5th. The first round and 1/4 finals will take 11 innings and 6 wins, and the semifinals will take 17 innings and 9 wins. The final format is10 wins in 19 innings. The semi-finals and finals are divided into two stages, the first half and the second half.2016恒大斯诺克中锦赛首轮——丁俊晖PK傅家俊  中国锦标赛由世界斯诺克协会、中国台球协会主办,恒大集团独家承办的世界职业斯诺克赛事,也是继中国公开赛,上海Masters, Wuxi Classics, World Open, the 6th world professional snooker event born in China after the International Championships, the first China Championship will be presented in the form of an invitational tournament, and the top 10 players in the world after the Shanghai MastersAnd the top 4 players in a single season are automatically invited, with the addition of the Chinese Taiwan Association nominated Fu Jiajun and Liang Wenbo, a total of 16 players participated, and then from 2017 to 2020, the Chinese Championship was upgraded to the world professional snooker ranking game.A total of 64 players participated in the game.  恒大2016世界斯诺克中国锦标赛赛程赛事分析  几天前赢得上海大师赛冠军丁俊晖被分在3/4区,丁俊晖首战同胞傅家俊,此前二人交手16次,丁俊晖10胜6负占优,不过The last match between the two men dates back to the European Tour Belgium 3 years ago. Ding Junhui won 4-2, and Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun played three times in the homeland, and Ding Junhui all won.The kick-off time of Ding Junhui and Fu Jiajun is set at 19:30 on November 1st. If Ding Junhui can win the Chinese Derby, the opponents in the quarter-finals will be the winners of Murphy and Perry. In contrast, Murphy becomes Ding JunhuiThe opponents are more likely. Before the two had a total of 21 matches, Ding Junhui had 8 wins, 1 draw and 12 losses and fell a bit. The last three matches between the two ended in a Murphy victory.  World No. 1 Mark Selby is the No. 1 seed in the quarter 1/4. The two-time world champion won the first season of the new season. Indian champion Anthony McGill. Last year’s World Championships, Scotland’s post-90s teenager was 13-9 upsetEliminate Selby, but afterwards the two encounters ended with Selby winning. If they pass, Selby’s 1/4 final opponent will be the winner between Allen and Wharton.The second-ranked Bingham in the world is ranked as the No. 2 seed in the 4/4 area. The 2015 World Championship champions first played Liang Wenbo. The two have played a total of 5 times in the past 3 years. Liang Wenbo 3 wins and 2 losses is slightly superior. If LiangWenbo can win, and the opponent in the quarter-finals will be the winner between Robertson and Holt.  The 2/4 area can be described as a gathering of superstars, replacing O’Sullivan’s Mark Williams in the first battle with John Higgins. This is the most eye-catching duel in addition to the Chinese derby.Trump’s first match against Carter, the winners of both sides will meet in the quarter-finals.  Evergrande World Snooker China Championship 2016 total prize money of up to 650,000 pounds, the champion will receive 200,000 pounds.  购票导航》》恒大2016世界斯诺克中国锦标赛官网订购票地址 票务门票价格2016恒大斯诺克中锦赛完整赛程时间安排表——比赛选手名单直播观看:2016世界斯诺克中国锦标赛比赛视频直播间 2016斯诺克中锦赛直播日期时间阶段对阵11月1日14:30第一轮塞尔比6-2麦克吉尔艾伦6-4沃顿19:30第一轮丁俊晖3-6 Fu Jiajun, Trump 4-6 Carter, November 2, 14:30, first round, Liang Wenbo, 2-6, Bingham Murphy, 6-4, Joe Perry, 19:30, first round, Higgins, 6-4 mark-Williams Neil Robertson 5-6 Holt November 3 14:301/4 final Selby 5-6 Alan Higgins 6-2 Carter 19:301/4 final Murphy 6-2Fu Jiajunholt 5-6 Bingham on November 4 14:30 semifinal first half Murphy 4-4 Bingham Allen 2-6 Higgins 19:30 semifinal second half Murphy 8-9 BinHam Allen, 3-9 Higgins, November 5, 14:30 finals, Higgins v Bingham, 19:30 finals, second half, Higgins vs Bingham

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