Guest Warrior Tong Xi Zhai Xiaochuan is absent, the North Control Wartime calls for a new plot
Tonight in the 22nd round of the CBA regular game, two teams from Beijing played away, Shougang challenged Tongxi, and Beiyang’s opponent was the Bayi team.In the last round, the Xinjiang team lost 1 point at home, and the problem of Shougang’s inside staff cancellation was highlighted.Before this away game with Tong Xi, Shougang was again downsized due to injury, and captain Zhai Xiaochuan was left in Beijing for treatment due to a knee injury.In addition, Qiu Tian, who had his leg injured in the last game, will also be absent tonight.Zhai Xiaochuan will be sidelined due to injury.Photo / Osports In the case of Shougang with only Zhu Yanxi and Zhang Zhuo placing domestic insiders, Zhao Yanman, picked at last year’s draft, was activated.He has participated in two CBDL leagues this year, averaging 17 as the main insider.With 6 points, tonight’s big probability will usher in a personal CBA debut.Tongxi laid off Hadadi before the last round against Beikong and associated with Feng Xin, Yu Changchun, Guo Yifei and Song Jianhua.However, Song Jianhua, who was recalled before the game, scored the highest 20 points for domestic players in the battle with Beijing Enterprises.For Shougang, in the face of opponents with similar difficulties, this field must go all out, and Joseph Yang and Yabu Sele of Tongxi can have foreign aid and have strong personal abilities.Beijing Enterprises has a new look this season, which is not the same as when it was “4 killed” by Bayi team last season.Tonight in Nanchang, Marbury and Wang Zhizhi, two former championship players, talked for the first time as coaches.This campaign will also be the first time this season that Beijing Enterprises has experienced 4 foreign aids (including Asian and foreign) in 4 quarters. If you want to refuse the historical repeat of last season, domestic players must stand up.

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