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[Is the braised crayfish delicious?
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Crayfish is a very common kind of seafood. Most people eat it when they eat it. Some people think it is convenient to buy it outside, but hygiene is not guaranteed.There are a lot of methods, but the stir-fry is everyone’s favorite. In fact, the boiled crayfish tastes good, and it is more suitable for children. It is clean and hygienic.

The practice of braised crayfish will clean the shrimps and shrimps they bought, especially the black belly, and use a toothbrush to wash them in white.

Prepare two cucumbers and eat shrimp and shrimp soup.

Put the oil in the oil pan until the oil is hot. Pour in the oil and seasoning. Add the favorite garlic cloves and a handful of pepper to stir fry the ingredients evenly. Be careful not to stick to the pan.

The practice of braised crayfish Step 7 Pour the beer into the tumbling order and pour the green peppers . small the chives to taste, then add half a bag of thirteen spices and add about 3 pounds of crayfish, stir the nutritional value of the pot crayfish 1,In terms of protein composition, the protein content of lobster is 18.

9% higher than most freshwater and marine fish and shrimp. Its amino acids make up a portion of meat. It contains 8 essential amino acids that are necessary for the human body but cannot be synthesized or insufficient in the body, including not only isoleucine and tryptophan.Acid, lysine, phenylalanine, valine and threonine, and also contains a small amount of glucose in the body, in addition, lobster also contains histidine, which is also essential for young children.

2. The content of lobster’s aunt is only 0.

2%, not only lower concentration than livestock and poultry meat, but also much lower than prawns and prawns, and most of its small amount is composed of unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the human body, easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and can prevent accumulation in the bodyeffect.

3. Like other aquatic products, lobster contains the necessary mineral components of the human body. Among them, more are calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and the more important ones are iron, sulfur, and copper.

The mineral content of lobster is about 1.

6%, among which the content of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and iron is higher than that of ordinary livestock and poultry, and higher than that of prawns.

Therefore, regular consumption of lobster meat can maintain nerve and muscle excitement.

Precautions for eating crayfish1. The flesh is soft and inelastic. It is most likely that dead shrimp will be most afraid of encountering dead shrimp when buying crayfish. Because crayfish rots quickly after death, it will decompose and produce amine toxic substances, breeding harmful bacteria.After eating, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal infectious diseases such as diarrhea and endanger health.

After the fried processed crayfish comes up, if there is a strong fishy smell, the shrimp body develops straight, the flesh is soft and inelastic, the color becomes dark, and the shell has molten sticky substances, then it is most likely dead shrimpmaded.

2, good shrimp carapace is very complete when eaten with ginger and vinegar. The criteria for selecting shrimp are intact, the carapace does not fall off, the shell is clear and sharp, the muscles are dense, the tail section is strong, and the body surface is clean and dry. It is better to deteriorate.Discoloration, cold red on the surface, string of blood, loose internodes, or abnormal odors are not suitable for consumption.

When eating, the shrimp wo n’t be washed clean. Ginger and vinegar must be added when tasting. It can both relieve the fishy smell and freshness, and also can dispel heat and cold, help digestion, and eliminate sterilization.

3. The longer the shrimp dies, the more toxins accumulate. Shrimp is rich in histamine, which is the main ingredient that makes it delicious.

But once the shrimp die, histidine is broken down by bacteria into histamine that is harmful to the human body.

In addition, shrimp’s intestines and stomach often contain pathogenic bacteria and toxic substances, and the body is easy to spoil and deteriorate after death.

Especially the prolongation of shrimp death time, the more toxins accumulated in the shrimp body, the poisoning phenomenon will occur after eating.

In addition, shrimp have cysticerci and vibrio parahaemolyticus in the shrimp body. If you eat undercooked shrimp, you will be susceptible to pulmonary fluke disease and inhalation.

Fresh shrimp should not be stored after cooking, and must be reheated for the second consumption.

4. Before the home cooking process, water can be used for 24 hours. When cooking crayfish at home, they must be cooked thoroughly at high temperature. You can judge whether the cooked shrimps are cooked by observing whether the colors on the opposite sides of the shrimps are consistent.

It is recommended that before cooking, water must be added for about 24 hours to allow the shrimp to spit out metabolites.

In addition, you must use a brush to clean the dirt on your body. At the same time, you must hide the gut that removes sediment and bacteria. You must also remove it thoroughly, and then wash it thoroughly with water for 2-3 times.

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