The Australian Open fell into the “death group”, and William’s 24th Grand Slam was a little difficult this time
Xiaowei was surrounded by “threats”.Photo / Osports Tennis Open The first Grand Slam Australian Open in the new season will open in Melbourne on January 20, and the women ‘s singles finals will be released today.Xiaowei, who is in a brave state, will continue to impact Margaret Coulter’s 24 major slam historical records, but it is not easy to break out of the 2/4 area known as the “dead group”.In the new season, the big news of women’s tennis is that Williams has ended the three-year championship shortage.After returning in 2018, Serena entered the Grand Slam final four times, and all returned with a feather. He was unable to tie the historical record of Margaret Court ‘s 24 Grand Slams.After winning the Oakland Open, Xiaowei, who was brave, was generally optimistic.More importantly, this championship in Oakland brought Williams to the 9th place in the world ranking.Benefiting from Andrescu’s retirement, Williams became the No. 8 seed of the Australian Open women’s singles, which ensured that she would not encounter a big seed in the first three rounds.From the women’s singles signing table, Xiaowei’s 2/4 area is called the “death group”.In the first 3 rounds, Serena will not encounter a strong hand.But since the fourth round, Conta and Wozniacki are potential opponents, and it is even more likely that the quarterfinals will encounter Nagasaka.He can even break through in the 2/4 area. The potential opponents of Serena Williams in the semifinals include Batty and Kvitova.Despite the seemingly poor signing, Xiaowei still ranked first in the latest winning odds list, far ahead of Batty, Naomi Osaka, Halep and others.Of course, if Williams wants to win the championship, he has to see if other girls agree.In Melbourne, Batty, Halep, Naomi Osaka, Ka Pliskova, and even Kvitova, Sabalenka and others have the opportunity and strength to compete for the championship.On the winning odds list, Xiaowei is followed by the current world’s No. 1 host darling Batty.At this time last year, Batty was only the No. 15 seed, and now it is the number one seed for women’s singles. Comprehensive technology and stable mentality are her two magic weapons to win.Despite being upset in the first round of the Brisbane Open, Batty quickly recovered his status at the Adelaide Open this week.Also looking at the Daphne Akhurst Cup were Halep, Naomi Osaka, and others.In the past two years, they have had the experience of defeating Serena Williams in the Grand Slam final, which gave them enough self-confidence to play against Serena Williams again.Last year in the fourth round of the Australian Open, Halep and Serena had fought to the final set, and the Romanian girl lost in physical fitness.Just past this winter break, Halep has also been strengthening physical training, “Darren (coach Darren Cahill) told me that as I grow older, I need to strengthen my legs.Because the bones need more strength to support, I will work hard in the gym.”

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