2015 China Central Tally Rally SS2: Yang Zhixing’s burst of three tires is still in the forefront
On June 22, the 2015 China Central Tower (International) Rally and China Cross-country Series Xinjiang ended the second stage of the race. The 478-kilometer track is mainly Gobi, river bed, marsh salt pond, and Yadan landform.In the SS2 stage, Yang Zhixing of Speed Team completed the race with 28th place in the audience, and the total score also rose to 13th place in the audience, only 10 minutes away from the 10th place.Speeding team Yang Zhixing Yang Zhixing and pilot Liu Sheng’s persistent high temperature, the chaotic rock on the track, causing a flat tire to become the main theme of the day’s race.Yang Zhixing of Chery Speed Team exploded three tires in succession, ran out of two spare tires, and eventually had to stop to wait for teammate Zhang Luowei’s spare tire to save the drive, wasting nearly half an hour before and after.This kind of experience was never encountered by Yang Zhixing in his racing career.  The game was very smooth. I think the control of the speed and the rhythm of the game is good, but I lacked a bit of luck and burst three tires in a row.If such an accident did not occur, there would not be too many accidents in the top ten of the stage.Yang Zhixing was thankful that the round of Rally this year had burst tires, but the condition of the car remained very good.After the last two years of the tower and the big off-road, Yang Zhixing has incorporated many new ideas into the newly-built steel tube car.  After the end of SS2, the ring tower’s big camp also moved from Pegatron to Turpan area, and high temperature became the difficulty that Yang Zhixing had to overcome.However, June 23 ushered in the first rest day of this year’s Ring Tower, giving Yang Zhixing time to conduct a full-scale inspection of the car and braking to welcome the arrival of the desert stage.In the following stages, there will be too many desert stages. I think this will be the place to really open the distance. I hope that tomorrow’s game will have a good result.  Another good thing is that Yang Zhixing’s car team is no stranger to tomorrow’s stage, and the 2014 Rally Tour has already ran.With this, the pilot Liu Sheng conducted a new review of the road book, and exchanged views with Yang Zhixing on the problems that occurred last year.I believe that at the end of the SS3 stage, Yang Zhixing of Speed Team will achieve a good result.  On June 24, the 2015 China Tower (International) Rally will usher in the SS3 stage contest, and Yang Zhixing’s journey around the tower continues.(Zongzi)

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