[Caesarean section confinement recipe]_ confinement period _ how to eat

Confinement is a golden period for the recovery of the maternal body. If you do not pay attention to the recovery of the confinement during the confinement period, the mother’s body will be much worse after the confinement.

And pregnant women who choose to have a caesarean section and a normal delivery have different food and nutrition requirements after confinement and during confinement.

After a caesarean section is more bloody than a woman who delivers it, so do women have a certain dish during confinement?

Spinach fried pork liver spinach 100g, pork liver 40g, ginger shred 10g, oil 4g.

Spinach cut into sections; pork liver slices, scald.

Research results of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Confinement Meal “Spinach Fried Pork Liver” Efficacy: nourishing blood and nourishing liver, astringent yin and dryness; can effectively improve postpartum anemia, habitual constipation, hypertension, etc.

50g of minced tofu, 30g of minced meat, 10g of spring onion, 4g of oil.

Tofu cut into pieces, the fracture is golden on both sides; the minced meat is hot.

Research results of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Confinement Meal “Minced Meat Tofu” Effect: clearing heat and moistening, nourishing the spleen and stomach; having the effect of promoting digestion and preventing the three highs.

Yuzhu Fried Lettuce Yuzhu 40g, Lettuce 100g, Salt 0.

5 grams and 4 grams of oil.

Yuzhu soak until soft, shredded lettuce; Yuzhu lettuce simmer for 5 seconds.

Scientific research achievements of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Confinement meal “Yuzhu fried lettuce” efficacy: nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing stomach and milk; can promote urination and milk secretion, prevent cardiovascular and tuberculosis.

Three cups of chicken drumsticks 100g, nine-story tower 10g, ginger slices 5g, oil 4g.

Peel the chicken thighs and cut into small pieces.

Scientific research achievements of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Confinement Meal “Three Cups of Chicken” Efficacy: On the move, dampening and digesting food; It has a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, fatigue and fatigue, postpartum weakness and so on.

Pleurotus eryngii fried pork with Pleurotus eryngii 50g, pig plum 35g, oil 4g.

Sliced Pleurotus eryngii; shredded pork.

Confinement meal “fried shredded pork with Pleurotus eryngii” effect: nourishing yin and moistening, strengthening spleen and digesting food; it has a good therapeutic effect on anemia and weakness.

What should I do for caesarean section confinement?

Breakfast zucchini porridge + steamed yam, shrimp skin small rapeseed, small cabbage tofu early meals millet oatmeal coriander (breakfast) lunch black sesame white rice, soy sauce beef tendon, broccoli fried shrimp, vegetable lunch with oyster sauce, healthy and nourishing porridge(Lunch) dinner tomato egg noodles + 2 milk-flavored steamed buns, eucommia simmered duck gizzards, sesame oil kale, Pleurotus eryngii fish fillet late dinner raisin (late) conditioning soup lotus seed earth chicken soup, 1 osmanthus moon water 500ml breakfast sea cucumberPorridge + 2 black rice buns, shiitake mushroom cabbage, green oyster sauce with bamboo shoots, rose red bean paste (breakfast), lunch, potatoes, white rice, green onions, beef steak, garlic lettuce lunch meal, Tremella horseshoe soup (lunch)Dinner sweet potato porridge + 2 dogs ignore steamed buns, sautéed chicken legs, tempeh spinach, colorful jade with late meals and grain health 羹 (late) conditioning soup with American ginseng stewed black chicken, 1 rose month water 500ml breakfast grain porridge + meat buns,Stir-fried winter bamboo shoots, sauteed tofu, dried tofu, milk, eggs, millet porridge (breakfast), lunch, red beans, white rice, secret pork trotters, onion fillets, stir-fried cucumber, lunch, beauty, qi, and scallionPorridge + 1 spinach bun, braised chickenBlock, angelica salvia miltiorrhizae, chestnut seasonal vegetables late meal black rice coconut juice detox porridge (late) inference soup Sishen pork belly, 1 rose month nourishment 500ml caesarean section confinement recipes, and confinementThe nutritional recipes for each week of conditioning are also different.

Caesarean section confinement recovery is slower than the normal delivery, so it is more important to supplement nutrition. It is best to eat a delivery cesarean section confinement meal.

It helps maternal stasis and qi and blood, helps wounds heal and restores uterine muscles.

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