Li Wei, National People’s Congress: Propose to Strengthen the Construction of Liquor Production Areas in China
Sauna Night News (training reporter Zheng Mingzhu) During the two sessions, Li Wei, deputy director of the Yanghe Stock Technology Center, a representative of the National People’s Congress, proposed to strengthen the construction of China’s liquor production area and create a fragrance.Li Wei proposed “establishing standards for the construction of high-quality liquor production areas in China”, “leading the wine companies in China’s high-quality liquor production areas to form a joint force”, and “strengthening the mining and export of culture in production areas”.She believes that strengthening the construction of high-quality liquor production areas in China and creating a culture of the production areas is the only way for Chinese liquor to integrate into the world’s fine wines and fragrance the world.The production area is the core concept for the international alcohol brand cultivation.Throughout the global wine industry, the production area has already become an important standard for global consumers to judge the quality of wine, and it has also become one of the quality expression methods of global wine.In the brewing of Chinese liquor, water, grain, koji and cellar are all inseparable from the natural ecology and microbes in the brewing site.In Li Wei’s view, compared with other fine wine classifications in the world, Chinese liquor has more advantages in producing areas and can also highlight the value of producing areas.There is no doubt that under the leadership of the government, industry associations and leading companies, Baijiu has previously built a number of distinctive production areas.For example, the Hongze Lake Wet Real Estate Area, known as one of the “Three Famous Wetland Wine Production Areas in the World”, the core production area of liquor in the Huanghuai Basin represented by Yanghe, Shuanggou and other soft liquors, and the Golden Triangle of Chinese liquorThe production area, the world’s core production area of sauce and wine, etc.Taking the production area as a new expression of the quality and value of Chinese liquor, building a perfect and optimized industrial collaboration platform and enhancing the level of industrial integration, so as to drive industrial innovation, transformation, and upgrading has become the focus of industry attention.Li Wei said that in the future, the construction of production areas will become an important force to promote the transformation and development of China’s liquor industry and promote China’s liquor to the world.However, in general, there are still problems with the construction of white liquor production areas that are “small and scattered”, lack of systematic concepts, lack of unified standards, and in-depth cultural excavation in production areas.According to the advantages and status quo of the construction of liquor production areas, Li Wei made three suggestions: First, establish standards for the construction of Chinese liquor production areas.The government, industry associations and well-known liquor companies have formed a joint force to jointly promote the establishment of a standard system of Chinese liquor quality production areas around production area access standards, production area product standards, production area grade standards, and cultural inspection standards.At the same time, promote the high-quality liquor production area to achieve the integration of the first, second, and tertiary industries, promote the construction of the industrial chain, and comprehensively enhance the value of the production area.In addition, guide China’s high-quality liquor production areas to form a concerted effort to create a Chinese business card for the fragrance world.Chinese liquor has a wide range of flowers and diverse categories. It is difficult for international consumers to form a unified and clear understanding, which has become a barrier for Chinese liquor to enter the world spirits market.The expression of the production area is the universal language of fine wine in the world. It is necessary to guide the Chinese liquor production area to form a joint force and form an obvious recognition in the international market through the industry standard synergy.In addition, Li Wei believes that it is necessary to strengthen the mining and export of the culture in the production area.Chinese liquor and Chinese civilization coexist together, and the liquor production area inherited for thousands of years has deep cultural heritage.The origin of brewing, wine brewing monuments, centuries-old cellars, inheritance of craftsmanship, and stories of many historical characters, etc. In the construction of the production area, these diverse production areas need to be excavated and vividly interpreted to make the liquor culture lead a new trend.Sauna, Ye Wang Zheng Mingzhu editor Xu Jingjing proofreading Li Shihui

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