Chinese women’s volleyball team arrived in Zhangzhou, Feng Xun Lang Ping used Doraemon to cheer players up April 14th, more than 9 o’clock in the evening, Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team to Zhangzhou National Women’s Volleyball Training Base.The day before, the boat ride was tired, plus yesterday was Zhou Tian, but Lang Ping did not give the players time to rest, they started training yesterday.Due to the closure of training, the National Women’s Volleyball Team will not accept any interviews.  In this national women’s volleyball team, Shen Jingsi of the Bayi team is the only Zhangzhou player.Last night, when the national women’s volleyball team arrived in Zhangzhou, Shen Jingsi’s mother also took a two-hour car from Zhaoan’s hometown and rushed to the national women’s volleyball training base to see her daughter.”Last time she came home, something was left at home, so I brought it to her.They didn’t take a rest today and started training. They didn’t dare to bother.”Shen Jingsi’s mother revealed that the team members had dinner and packed their luggage when they arrived. They were busy until 11 o’clock to rest.  Last night, on the bus from Xiamen to Zhangzhou, Lang Ping sent a Weibo to encourage the team members: “The team arrived in Xiamen safely and we are on our way to the Zhangzhou training base.The Zhangzhou Volleyball Training Base is where the Chinese women’s volleyball team takes off.I first participated in the national women’s volleyball training in 1978.In 1998, he led the Chinese women’s volleyball training camp for the last time.After a lapse of 16 years, returning to Zhangzhou again felt a lot.We should continue to carry forward the spirit of hard struggle, conscientiously work hard, improve our level as soon as possible, and welcome this year’s hard together!”Lang Ping also provided a very cute picture of Doraemon, netizens commented: “Lang Dao’s childlike innocence!””(Huangdu reporter Huang Xuanxuan)

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